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We manufacture and supply Dog Walking Raincoats.

Stay dry and stylish during rainy walks with your furry friend with our Dog Walking Raincoats. This double layered zip up raincoat features a convenient hoodie, making it easy to put on and adjustable for the perfect fit. Its sleek and modern design will have your pup looking like the most fashionable dog on the block. Our raincoats are made from durable EVA material, ensuring maximum protection from the elements. And the best part? We offer custom made colors, styles, and sizes, so you can tailor the perfect raincoat for your precious pooch. Don‘t let a little rain stop you from enjoying quality time with your beloved dog get your hands on our Dog Walking Raincoats now!



EVA Material


500 vnt


Individualūs dydžiai




Pagal užsakymą pagamintos spalvos


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Šunų vaikščiojimo lietpalčiai


  • Double layered for extra protection against rain.
  • Adjustable hoodie for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Made from durable EVA material.
  • Available in custom colors, styles, and sizes.
  • Perfect for stylish and practical dog walks in any weather.

šunų vedžiojimo lietaus paltai

šunų vedžiojimo lietaus paltai

šunų vedžiojimo lietaus paltai


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