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Vaikiškas rožinis lietpaltis su gobtuvu

Introducing the Children Hooded Pink Raincoat, a fun and useful way to keep children dry when it’s pouring outside. 

What makes this raincoat special is that it’s made out of eco-friendly EVA materials which are known for being the most waterproof and breathable ones on the market. 

The sleeves are loose so they don’t restrict movement and make the wearer feel comfortable even if he or she needs to move a lot – this is very important, especially with active kids who never sit still for too long. 

Besides, it also dries quickly which means one can put on it just before going outside during heavy downpours that were not in the forecast at all.

Moreover, its strong build quality combined with a meticulous manufacturing process ensures durability so children can wear this garment throughout numerous wet seasons while staying stylish at all times.


EVA Material


500 vnt


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Vaikiškas rožinis lietpaltis su gobtuvu


  • Eco durability-friendly product
  • A waterproof and breathable design that will keep kids dry and comfortable.
  • It covers the head completely with a stylish hood.
  • Visibility is added by the bright pink color.
  • Fit can be adjusted using the drawstrings which are flexible.
  • Convenient pockets for storing necessary items.
  • Lightweight and can be packed, great for travel or outdoor events
  • Fast drying that it gets dry quickly when rained on.


  • Perfect for kids because it guarantees comfort even when worn for long periods of time.
  • Crucial for active children because it allows them to move around easily.
  • Children can play freely in this raincoat.
  • Goes with sustainable lifestyles
  • It prevents a child from freezing in cold and wet weather.
  • This guarantees better value as it extends the coat’s life span.
  • For easy carrying and storing
  • Maintenance is made easier by using a mild soap and damp cloth.

Available Colors and Sizes

  • Color: Primarily Pink, with options for custom shades upon order.
  • Sizes: Ranging from XS to XXL, accommodating children of various ages and sizes.

Applications of the Children Hooded Pink Raincoat

  • Shields kids from the rain while they learn and play outside.
  • Necessary for camping trips and other activities in the wilderness.
  • Makes children’s outdoor clothing more colorful.
  • Great for outdoor functions because it is useful and easy to see.
  • A must-have if you are going on an adventure with your child as it keeps them dry.
  • Protects child athletes during wet seasons.
  • Keeps children ready for any sudden weather changes when on family outings.


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