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The Comprehensive Guide to Rainwear Manufacturing


At Wuxi LincoFun Outdoor Equipments Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on producing high-quality rainwear that meets the diverse needs of our customers. We manufacture and supply durable and eco-friendly rainwear products for our customers, too.

From material selection to the final product, our manufacturing process ensures that every raincoat, rainsuit, and poncho we produce is durable, waterproof, and comfortable. In this blog post, we will take you through the detailed steps involved in manufacturing our top-notch rainwear.

1. Material Selection

The first step in manufacturing high-quality rainwear is selecting the right materials. We use a variety of materials, each with its unique properties:
EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): Lightweight and flexible, EVA is ideal for casual rainwear.
PU (Polyurethane): Known for its breathability and durability, PU is perfect for active use.
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Highly waterproof and durable, PVC is suitable for heavy-duty applications.
Each material is chosen based on the specific requirements of the rainwear being produced, ensuring optimal performance in various conditions.

2. Design and Pattern Making

Once the materials are selected, our design team creates detailed patterns for each rainwear item. Using advanced CAD software, we ensure precision in every cut and seam. 

Custom rainwear designs are also developed according to the specific measurements and preferences of our clients.

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3. Cutting

The next step is cutting the fabric according to the patterns. We use high-precision cutting machines to ensure that each piece is cut accurately. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity and fit of the final product.

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4. Sewing and Assembly

After cutting, the pieces are sewn together using industrial sewing machines. Our skilled workers ensure that each seam is strong and durable. For added waterproofing, we use specialized techniques such as:
Heat Sealing: This method involves using heat to bond seams, creating a waterproof seal.
Taped Seams: Waterproof tape is applied over seams to prevent water from seeping through.

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5. Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of our manufacturing process. Each rainwear item undergoes rigorous inspection at various stages:
Fabric Inspection: Checking for defects in the fabric before cutting.
Seam Inspection: Ensuring that all seams are properly sealed and waterproof.
Final Inspection: A thorough check of the finished product for any defects or inconsistencies.

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6. Customization

We offer a range of customization options to meet the specific needs of our clients. This includes custom colors, prints, logos, and additional features such as reflective strips for enhanced visibility. Custom rainwear is made to order, ensuring a perfect fit and unique style.

7. Packaging and Shipping

Once the rainwear items pass the quality control checks, they are carefully packaged to prevent any damage during shipping. We use eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. Our logistics team ensures timely delivery to our clients, whether they are local or international.

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At Wuxi LincoFun Outdoor Equipments Co., Ltd., we are committed to producing rainwear that combines functionality, durability, and style. Our meticulous manufacturing process ensures that every product we create meets the highest standards of quality. Whether you need raincoats, rainsuits, or custom rainwear, we have the expertise and resources to deliver products that keep you dry and comfortable in any weather.
For more information about our products and services, visit our website at www.newimageoutdoor.com or contact us at Info@newimageoutdoor.com. 

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