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How to Buy Custom Rainwear For Your Business?

Knowing and understanding how to buy custom rainwear for your business is a crucial part of operations. By maximizing where you can get the most cost-effective products, and getting high-class customer service, you’ll be able to springboard your operations to the highest level.

So, in this guide, we’ll give you some of the best tips to do to buy custom rainwear for your business. This article is for you whether you’re a retailer, a distributor, someone who makes arts and crafts, and even if you are a supplier.

Why Choose Custom Rainwear?

Buying regular rainwear is good. But, you’ll be locked into a specific market, which can slow growth and expansion. But by choosing custom rainwear, you don’t only have more room for expansion, but you also get a better market since you’ll directly be targeting what they want.

Many analysts and companies believe that going for custom products have benefits that encompass typical products. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Customers will like it and will more likely buy from you again.
  • It builds confidence; customers will like your products and services more.
  • You reduce inventory costs because you’ll just need to produce when there are orders.
  • Less manpower because you’ll source it from suppliers, you don’t need hundreds of people.
  • The demand is growing and people are leaning more toward it.

How to Buy Custom Rainwear: 6 Rare Tips From Experience

As a manufacturer of custom rainwear and rain gear, we’ve had experiences ranging from the easiest encounters to the trickiest and most difficult ones.

Tailors say that custom raincoats are hard to make, but is it really? We’ve sailed the market, offering a wide library of options to our clientele. We are more than confident that we’ll be able to get you what you need.

So, we’ll give you six of the best tips you can adopt from our experiences to make your lives better.

1. Find a High-Quality Manufacturer/Supplier

I know that this sounds easier said than done, but it will be one of the best things you’ll do. A great manufacturer/supplier will actually offer a ton of benefits in the long-run.

You might as well invest in finding the fittest and right supplier than adjust on anything else, really.

NOTE: This might take you the longest time, but it will be your greatest strength.

2. Ask For Samples… A Lot of Them

First things first – ask if they’re offering samples. Yes, you read that right, not all suppliers and manufacturers offer free samples. That’s why you need to make sure that the one you’re talking to is offering them.

When they do, ask for samples – try asking for more than three of the variants. It’s a good way to gauge their knowledge and their overall capacity.

3. Review Their Capacity

Check on everything that they do and they’re capable of. From how they source materials, design, how they manufacture and operate, how they assemble, to cargo and delivery.

And while you’re looking, you want a supplier that can go beyond what you’re looking for–why? –because when the time comes that you need more, going to another manufacturer will be more expensive and costlier.

Be sure to check the supplier’s capacity to operate and ensure that they have enough for expansion.

4. Communication is Key

Let’s face it, most Chinese business people aren’t that well-versed with English. What makes it even more difficult is if English is not your first language. Language barriers are hurdles for multi-million business deals, so you want to make sure that the supplier you’ll work with can understand or speak English.

TIP: You can hire a Mandarin-English translator. They can help you get through business deals better, especially since manufacturers would see that you have Chinese company.

5. It’s Not Just About Pricing, But It’s a Factor

We’re not hypocrites to tell you that pricing won’t matter, because it will, just not in the long-run though. So, think about the cost and try cross-checking it if it’s within budget, if it is something you can invest in.

Many people think only about pricing vs. the market, which is wrong. You have to make sure that it befits the purpose you’re getting it for, you’re profiting from it, and that it’s within your budget.

Check out Sourcing Allies’ take on pricing ODM and custom goods for you to learn more about it.

6. Do Deep Research on Feedback and Reviews

Last, and probably the most important tip is to make sure you do ample research about them. And I’m not talking about online website reviews or Google reviews, I’m talking about deep reviews from people that worked with them before.

Try contacting businesses they claim to have left a good review about them. Talk to people who worked there before, investors, etc. That way, all the information you’ll be getting will be real, direct, and unfiltered.

These aren’t everything, though. However, these are among the most crucial and important tips you would want to consider. They seem minor and unimportant, but having all of them can get you from the ground up to success.

Custom Rainwear From Wuxi LincoFun Outdoor Equipments

If you ever feel the need to buy custom-made rainwear, you’ll never regret working with us. Being in the industry for more than 12 years, we can say that we’ve grown confident in manufacturing many types of rainwear.

Most known for our custom rain jackets and ponchos, our expertise in these types of apparel remain unmatched. We have a team dedicated to providing only the best and highest quality of rain gears, rainwear, and rain equipment you can use for your business.

Whether you need eco-friendly raincoats, dog jackets and raincoats, αδιάβροχες φόρμες, and even ponchos, we’ll deliver them to you in a crisp and outstanding manner.

Trust New Image Outdoor for World-Class Quality Custom Rainwear

We understand the need for custom rainwear. Not only does it offer a better market advantage, but it also offers a vast plane of business opportunities, too. Choosing great-quality rainwear is something that comes second nature to us, and ensuring customer service is the first.

Work with us and never worry about how you can source out your next custom rainwear collection. Send us an email, call us, or message us. Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας! We’ll send a free quote over.

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