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Custom Waterproof Overalls 

Wuxi LincoFun Outdoor Equipments Co,. Ltd. is one of the best custom waterproof overalls manufacturers & suppliers in China. We can various of materials waterproof overalls, like PVC, polyester, PU, nylon, etc. 

How It Works

We focus on quality, custom made products provided at a reasonable price. We place an emphasis on durable, comfortable waterproof wear that anyone can appreciate. Our process is simple and effective. We’ll guide you through each step making it easy and painless.

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Your custom orders of custom waterproof overalls here at Wuxi Lincofun Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. will be handled with care. We’re China’s best and top-rated manufacturers of rainwear, rain protection, and gear all needed to protect yourself from the rain.

The Real Meaning of Overalls

Many of us think that the idea of wearing overalls only happened in the 18th century. However, that is not the case. The real and primary idea of wearing overalls is to protect the body as this was the clothing worn by laborers, soldiers, sailors, and slaves thousands of years ago.

The purpose was to keep their main clothes dry while they were working their posts.

Today, overalls are used in a lot of senses, whether it’s for fashion, for water protection, stain protection, and even as uniforms for some industries.

Overalls and Coveralls

Many people think that overalls and coveralls are the same – they’re not. Coveralls, from the term alone, covers everything, leaving only your head, hands, and feet.

Also known as boilersuits, coveralls are often used in heavy-duty industries, such as:

  • Farming
  • Construction
  • Mechanical work
  • Factory work
  • Painting and decorating

The idea is to protect the skin and your clothes from scratches, stains, and other unwanted marks.

Overalls, on the other hand, leave your arms and upper torso exposed. They’re for various reasons and have differences in terms of application and industry.

Advantages of Waterproof Overalls

The following are the advantages of custom waterproof overalls:

  • Better and wider range of motion
  • More air movement around the body
  • Lots of adaptability
  • Perfect to pair with a range of tees, blazers, and shirts
  • Frequently with many pockets

Overalls are made for efficiency, making it one of the more common types of wear in the industrial sector.

Disadvantages of Waterproof Overalls

Of course, there’s always a catch. Compared to coveralls, overalls have a few things you might want to take note of and consider, too.

  • They’re mostly not insulated. Heat and coldness can penetrate.
  • Most models have it open from the upper torso.
  • When loose, tools and materials you have inside the pockets can spill. It needs to be the perfect fit.

Custom Waterproof Overalls with Logo

Submerge yourself in style without forgetting about functionality, with us here at Wuxi Lincofun Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. Being China’s top waterproof gear company, we’re equipped with some of the industry’s most-needed machineries and equipment.

We’re able to customize and stylize the waterproof overalls you need to the best of our ability! Send us a sketch or a drawing of your order and we’ll bring it to life!

Work with Wuxi Lincofun Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. For Your Custom Waterproof Overalls

So, if you’re looking for high-quality waterproof overalls with logo, we’re here to help. We here at Wuxi Lincofun Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. are known to be one of the best in rainwear, rain jackets, ponchos, waterproof overalls, and many other waterproof gears in China.

Order custom waterproof overalls from us now, customize and stylize it, and we’ll get you top-quality products as much as we can!


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